Friday, 17 February 2012


I was in Dublin yesterday on a flying visit...I had an hour or so to kill while I was waiting for my friend to finish in a meeting so I had a little look around a few shops!

The first couple of bits I got were in Forever 21.  Dublin has a massive Forever 21 store and I could have done with longer in there! The clothes are gorgeous and so affordable, but I only picked up a few things.

The only item of clothing I got was this blouse.  It's got a dipped hemline where it's longer at the back than at the front but what I love about this top is that it's still quite long at the front, as I find a lot of dipped hemline tops too short at the front.  There is gorgeous lace detailing at the top which makes it easy to dress up or down.  It cost €15.75/£12.75.  Next I got some jewellery:

I had been on the lookout for some nice black earrings and there is such a great selection of jewellery in Forever 21, I ended up finding plenty! I got three sets of earrings.  The first set on the left, with a pair of plain black studs and a pair of silvery-grey studs, were €1.60/£1.50.  The middle set has 3 pairs - small black flowers, clear studs and a pair of black fabric flower earrings. This set was €3.90/£3.15.  Lastly I got these black glittery star earrings on the right and they were also €3.90/£3.15.

Next I went into a store called Stradivarius (check out the website here).  It is a Spanish store, and it's quite similar to Bershka which is one of my favourite shops!  I got 2 shirts here:

The first one I got was this denim button up shirt.  I love this style of shirt and there have been many styles of them in various shops, but this was the first one that was just the style I was looking for as it is the perfect length for me (I'm 5' 8" and  I often find it hard to get tops that are long enough)! This was €19.95.

The second shirt I got is the same colour but it is cotton and it buttons down about half way.  This is just about long enough to wear with leggings for casual wear but I really got this as it is perfect for me to wear to work.  This was around €25.

I also got some stuff from Lush and there will be a separate post up about that soon.  Hope you're all well! :) x

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