Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Benefit Hoola Dupe?

It's likely that most make-up fanatics either own or have heard plenty about Benefit's Hoola bronzer, and rightly so! It is a gorgeous bronzer, with its completely matte finish making it ideal for contouring or giving a natural bronzed look.  However, at £23.50/€34 it isn't the most affordable of products.  Enter W7 Honolulu bronzer which costs around £3/€5 - quite the price difference!

On the outside, the packaging is very similar, both housed in sturdy boxes...but what about the most important thing - the product itself!

L-R Honolulu, Hoola

And a swatch on the skin:

Honolulu on the Left, Hoola on the Right

Pretty sinilar right?  W7 Honolulu also has a matte finish, and both products are equally pigmented and easy to blend.  I would say - and I think you can see from the pictures - that Honolulu is a shade darker than Hoola, making it ideal for the summer time, when I have a tan and Hoola is almost too light for my skin.  Although Honolulu would be fine on fairer skins if used with a light hand, Hoola would definitely be better for those of you who are paler.  The major difference in quality that I have found between the 2 is that Hoola lasts longer on the skin while Honolulu tends to wear off quicker.  You also get 11g in Benefit's Hoola while there is only 6g in W7 Honolulu - so it is worth bearing in mind that you are getting almost double the amount in Hoola.

If Hoola is on your wishlist but you just can't bring yourself to shell out the money for it, then Honolulu is definitely the best dupe I have seen for it.  Whether you would need both probably really only depends on your complexion but I know that for me, there is place for both of these bronzers in my make-up bag!

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