Thursday, 16 February 2012

Battle of the Liquid Liners

Almost every day I wear black liquid eyeliner, so I thought I would do a comparison of the 3 liquid liners which I have on the go at the moment! They are Rimmel's Glam'Eyes Professional Liquid Liner, Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner, and GOSH Extreme Art Eye Liner Extremely Waterproof.

L-R Rimmel, Collection 2000, GOSH

L-R Rimmel, Collection 2000, GOSH

The Rimmel liner has been my everyday choice of liquid liner literally for a few years now and I have repurchased it time and time again.  It is probably the least resistant to water and wear of the whole lot of them but I find it is great for everyday use as the thin brush is my favourite kind to work with and the formula is nice as well, with a good consistency that dries to what I would describe as a satin finish - not too shiny but not matte either.  It's also a doddle to remove at the end of the day.

The Collection 2000 liner is also great for every day or for more dramatic looks as the applicator gives a thicker line.  I wouldn't be a fan of the 'marker tip' type applicators but of all of them I have tried this is the easiest I found to work with.  Again, not the best wearing liner in the world and it has a thinner consistency than the Rimmel liner so it isn't quite as pigmented.  This liner is the only one out of the three that dries to a completely matte finish.

Finally GOSH's offering. I have a love/hate relationship with this liner! I reserve use of it for nights out or days when I really need my make up to last! The applicator brush is a nice thin brush, similar to the Rimmel liner, but oh my the formula! The consistency of this liner can only be described as gloopy.  When you pull the brush out of the tube sometimes a string of the liner hangs from it.  This means that although the applicator brush is thin, it can be difficult to be precise with it.  It also takes this liner a full 5 minutes to dry (yes, I timed it!) and it dries to an almost glossy finish.  But when this baby is dry, there is no budging it.  After I had done the 3 swatches above, I washed my hands with soap and water and this did not budge.  So I went back and really scrubbed at it, and this is what I was left with:

Impressive, right?  Although this makes it a pain to remove.  A good oil-based waterproof eye make up remover will take this off without too much effort.  The first time I tried this I thought maybe mine had gone bad or something as it's so gloopy but my sister has this in 3 other colours and they are all the same.

Overall, each of these liners has their good and bad points.  If I had to drop one from my collection it would be the Collection 2000 one, simply because I'm neither a fan of completely matte finishes nor the marker tip applicators.  However, this is down to personal taste!  I feel the Rimmel liner is good for daytime use and the GOSH one is probably unbeatable when it comes to getting a liner that is not going to budge until bedtime!

Have any of you got any suggestions of other liners I could try out (high end or drugstore)?