Thursday, 5 July 2012

PolarWhitePro Teeth Whitening

Hi guys! So for today's post I thought I would tell you about a teeth whitening product I have been trying out recently

Source: PolarWhitePro website

I had heard of PolarWhitePro Teeth Whitening Glaze and what caught my attention was the fact that you only needed to use it for a week in order to get results.  Then I came across it in my local pharmacy and I just had to pick it up!  I have very sensitive teeth and I found in the past that a lot of whitening products increase this sensitivity which is rather unpleasant.  Even so, I still thought I would give this a go and see how I got on!

These are the instructions for use:
  1. Brush teeth & wipe dry. Rotate pen at base to dispense gel;
  2. Hold a wide smile, keeping lips away from teeth during treatment;
  3. Apply a thin layer of gel to all teeth, ensuring coverage to entire tooth;
  4. Gel activates immediately on contact with teeth, you will notice slight foaming as it actively dissolves discolorations
  5. Allow 60 seconds to try. Do not rinse, gel remains active, slowly dissolving surface stains on teeth
  6. Refrain from eating or drinking for 30 minutes after application.
Although it is recommended to use this 2 to 3 times per day for a week, I only used it once a day, in the evenings (because I didn't have time in the mornings).  After a week of use, I definitely saw results where my teeth are about 2 shades whiter, and best of all I had no sensitivity whatsoever while using it! As far as teeth whitening goes, this is the best I have ever used.  The only drawback I can think of is I wouldn't be a fan of the taste it has, which I found a bit tacky, but that is down to personal preference!  I am going to go back and try to use it the recommended number of times per day again soon, but I'm just giving my teeth a couple of weeks break before I do!

It is available to buy from their website here at a cost of €24.95 with free shipping to Ireland and Northern Ireland, but I only paid €20 for it in my local pharmacy so have a look around!